Types of Roofing Tiles

Types of Roofing Tiles

Roofing tiles are used to cover the pitched roofs. These tiles are thin compared to bricks so it is necessary to handle them carefully at all the stages of manufacture. These tiles should be strong durable and perfectly leakproof. Following are the important types of the roofing tiles-

1. Flate tiles - 

These tiles are rectangular in shape and are of various dimensions. They are laid in cement or lime mortar. The different types of flat tiles are discussed below-


a. Burnt Clay Flat Terracing Tiles - These tiles should be uniform in shape, size and be free from irregularities (e.g. bends, twists, cracks etc. )

b. Slat Tiles - These tiles should be reasonably straight, of uniform colour, texture, free veins, cracks, fissures white patches, etc.
                 The compressive strength should not be less than 7.5 M/mm2.

2. Pot Tiles or Country Tiles 

a. These tiles are also sometimes called pantiles. They are hand moulded, First into a flat tile, then to required shape on the wooden pattern and burnt in a kiln after drying

b. These tiles are semi-circular in section. These are used either alone or with flat tiles.

c. These tiles are less liable to be displayed by the birds.

d. These tiles find extensive use in rural areas.


3. Allahabad Tiles - 

a. These tiles are of a different shape. They are generally laid side by side and joints are then covered with half-round tiles.

b. They are used for making good and pleasing roofs.


4. Corrugated Tiles 

a. These tiles have corrugations and when they are placed in position aside lap of one or two corrugations is formed.

b. The placing of such tiles on a roof gives an appearance of corrugated galvanized iron sheets.



5. Mangalore tiles 

a. These tiles are red in colour and made of double channelled Basel Mission Mangalore pattern.

b. They are of flat pattern and are provided with a suitable projection so that they interlock with each other when placed in position.


6. Ridge, Valley and Lip Tiles 

a. These tiles are made from the good earth and are specially shaped.

7. Encaustic Tiles - These tiles are consist of three layers :

a. The face is a thin coat of pure clay of the colour required.

b. The body is of coarse clay

c. The back is formed with a thin layer of clay different from the body as it is to prevent warping.

d. These tiles are employed for decorative purpose.

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