Difference Between Mortar and Concrete

What is Mortar?

Mortar is a mixture in the form of a workable paste used for providing joints for bricks and stone masonry. the mortar can be made as a mixture of cement, sand and water is known as cement mortar. To know more about mortar see. What is Mortar? Definition, Types, Properties and Uses.

What is concrete?

The cement concrete is the mixture of cement, sand, crushed stone and water. It is generally a mixture of aggregates and cement water paste. The cement water paste has its role to bind the aggregates to form a strong hard rock. To know more about concrete see What is concrete? Properties and Uses.

Difference between mortar and concrete

Difference Between Mortar and Concrete

  • Cement mortar is a mixture of cement, sand and water.
  • The cement concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles and water.

  • Mortar has less compressive strength.
  • Cement concrete has more compressive strength than mortar.

  • The durability, quality and strength of mortar will mainly depend upon the amount and quality of the matrix.
  • It has a high compressive strength which depends upon the water-cement ratio.

  • A good mortar mix should possess the ability to retain adequate humidity during transportation and laying over the porous bed.
  • A good cement concrete mixture after mixing a few hours solidifies and hardens, attaining greater strength with age.

  • The mortar should not contain an excessive amount of water and it should be as stiff and conveniently used.
  • The amount of water present in the concrete should be in proper proportion. The excess amount of water will result in the non-uniform composition of concrete.

  • The mortar is used to provide the joints for bricks and stone masonry.
  • The cement concrete is used for the construction of roofs, columns, beams etc.

  • Mortar is used for plastering walls and for pointing masonry work.
  • Cement concrete is the main constituent of RCC works. It is used in casting beams, columns, slabs and other RCC structures.

  • In a mortar, steel is not used.
  • In concrete steel is used.

  • Life of mortar is less as compared to cement concrete. (approximately 20 to 25 years)
  • Life of cement concrete much greater than mortar, (approximately 50 to 100 years)

  • The thickness of the mortar is less.
  • The thickness of concrete is more than mortar.

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