Difference Between Cement Plaster and Gypsum Plaster

Difference Between Cement Plaster and Gypsum Plaster

Cement plaster is made up of sand Portland cement and water. whereas In the case of gypsum plaster instead of Portland cement gypsum is used and it doesn’t need sand.

Gypsum is a lightweight material which is formed as a result of evaporating seawater in Massive prehistoric basins. Difference between cement plaster and gypsum plaster is as follows:

Cement Plaster VS Gypsum Plaster

Difference Between Cement Plaster and Gypsum Plaster Civil Lead
S.No.     Cement Plaster      Gypsum Plaster
Cement plaster can be used in exterior and interior surfaces.Whereas gypsum plaster can only be used on the ceiling and interior walls it cannot be used in wet areas like toilet bath kitchen wash area balconies etc.
2Cement plaster is not considered as save from fungus malts et cetera.Gypsum plaster is an anti-fungus plaster and it does not get affected by any insects.
3Cement plaster cannot be applied on smooth surfaces.Gypsum plaster can be applied on smooth as well as a rough surface.
4Cement plaster gives a rough surface.Whereas gypsum plaster gives a very smooth finish which makes it compatible with paints.
5During the application of cement, plaster wastages are high.While during the application of gypsum plaster the wastage is nominal.
6Cement plaster can develop shrinkage because it has Low tensile hand fractural and strength.Gypsum plaster can prevent shrinkage because it has high tensile and flexural strength.
7In the case of cement plaster pre-curing and post-curing is required.In the case of gypsum plaster, no curing is required.
8In the event of fire cement plaster becomes brittle and cracks and loses the bond with the wall.But in case of fire gypsum plaster acts as a barrier and protect the blockwork and concrete and steel.
9Cement plaster is not a rust inhibitor.Gypsum plaster is the perfect rust preventive agent and also in inhibit corrosion of electric metal, fitting. Pipes etc.
10The mixture of sand and cement is done on-site in different ratios it is generally done by unskilled labour and hence not likely to be accurate and perfect.Gypsum plaster is premixed and available in easy to handle bags only addition of water is required resulting in less wastage of time labour and material.
11After cement plaster pop punning is required for better and labelled surface finish.Gypsum plaster provides a smooth interior finish for sealing walls and it is an ideal background for good quality paints and wallpaper finishes.
12In case of cement plastered room, space looks smaller and an attractive as it is a dark grey colour.In the case of gypsum plastered room, space looks large and beautiful as gypsum plaster is pure white in colour.
13The density of cement plaster is higher than gypsum plaster, hence the   load on building increases.The density of gypsum plaster is less as compared to cement plaster gypsum plaster is light in weight.
14In cement plaster minimum 24-hour interval between two quotes of cement plaster.Setting time of gypsum plaster can be controlled the time between two successive coats are very small.
15The application of cement plaster is a time-consuming process, hence increases the project cost.The application of gypsum plaster is a time-saving process thus decreases the project cost.
16Nowadays river sand availability is a major problem and rivers and has become costly hence cement plaster is costlier than gypsum plaster. Gypsum plaster is cheaper as compared to cement plaster.
17Cement plaster is not a green building product.Whereas is gypsum plaster is a green building product.
18In the case of cement plaster, we need pop punning on the plastered surface to receive paint.but in the case of gypsum plaster keeping is not required we can directly apply the paint.

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