What are the Merits and Limitations of Wind Energy?

Merits and Limitations of wind Energy

Wind energy is a renewable source of non-polluting energy and is emerging as one of the most potent sources of alternative energy which will help to a great extent bridging the gap between energy demand and supply.

Compare to solar energy, the wind is a very complex resource, possessing a three-dimensional value as compared to solar’s two-dimensional qualities. The wind resource is more intermittent and is strongly influenced by terrain or geography factor.

Also due to fluid mechanics considerations, there is a non-linear relationship between wind speed and power production from a wind turbine. Following are the merits of wind energy.

Merits of Wind Energy

1. It is a non-polluting and environmentally friendly source of energy.

2. The scope of wind resource globally is enormous and is less dependent on latitude than other solar-based renewable energy technologies.

3. It is an important renewable and sustainable source of energy available at free of cost.

4. The generation period is low and power generation starts from commissioning.

5. Power generation is cheaper as there is no shortage of input cost and recurring expense are almost nil.

What are the Merits and Limitations of Wind Energy?

6. It can be made available easily in many offshores onshore and remote areas; thus helpful in supplying, electric power to remote and rural areas.

7. In addition to the large scale production of electrical energy, the wind power system can be applied to smaller sized applications in developing countries as well as for energy supply in remote or specialized machinery and heating end uses as well as a hybrid energy system.

8. Wind power is particularly relevant to developing countries where electricity supply may be absent or of limited capacity.

9. Development of wind energy is recommended to broaden the nation’s energy option for the new energy source.

Limitations of Wind Energy

  1. It has a low energy density.
  2. It is generally favourable in geographic locations which are away from cities.
  3. The appearance of windmills on the landscape and their continual whirling and whistling can be irritating.
  4. The use of wind power for electricity generation on a small scale is already economical in remote locations, but at present, it does not appear to be economical for large scale generation.
  5. It is variable, unsteady-irregular, intermittent, erratic and sometimes dangerous.

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