Pop Vs Putty – Difference Between Pop and Wall Putty

Difference Between Pop and Wall Putty

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Pop and wall putty enhance the beauty and appearance of the house. Both are important building materials for interior design work.

Are you confused about the selection of Pop and Putty for your home?

Then you are in the right place today in this article we are going to do a detailed comparison of Pop and putty.

I promise you after reading this article you will be able to choose the best one for your home and office.

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Pop Vs Putty - Difference Between Pop and Wall Putty


Pop (Plaster of Paris) is made up of gypsum, the process involves heating gypsum to a very high temperature to form a Calcium sulphate and grinding the material to a smooth white powder.

Wall putty is made up of white cement, Polymers and filler.

How it was named?

Pop is named so because it is derived in Paris and invented in Egypt. 

Wall Putty is a generic term. 


Pop comes in types like gypsum, cement-plaster and lime plaster. 

Types of wall putty are course putty and fine putty. 


The thickness of pop is up to 1 inch which can cover all kinds of undulations of the plastered wall. 

But in case of wall putty maximum thickness cannot be more than 3 mm. The ideal thickness is 1.5 mm. 


Pop has very low binding property. 

Whereas wall Putty is cement-based and hence it has a good binding property. 

Average setting time 

The average setting time of Plaster of Paris (Pop) is around 5 minutes. To prolong Its setting you have to add water. 

The average setting time of wall putty is around two hours. 


Pop is less durable in comparison to wall putty. 

but wall putty is more durable in comparison to Pop. 


Pop is used for wall finish, castings and making decorative features. 

Whereas wall putty is used for smoothening the walls and ceiling by filling the cracks and pores. 


Pop can give a levelled surface. 

Whereas putty can never achieve a level surface like Pop. 


Pop has very low strength. 

Whereas putty is a cement-based product hence it has good tensile adhesion, compressive and flexural strength. 


Pop is less durable in comparison to wall putty. 

but wall putty is more durable in comparison to Pop.

Fire resistance 

Pop is fire resistant because it contains gypsum. 

Whereas putty is less fire-resistant as compared to Pop.


Pop can be applied on interior walls but not on exterior walls. whereas Putty can be applied to the interior as well as exterior walls. 

Pop is very easy to apply whereas wall putty is easy to apply but a bit difficult in comparison to pop and it needs some amount of skill. 

Pop can’t be applied on a moist surface whereas wall putty can be applied on a moist surface. 


Pop and putty both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for you depends on your needs.

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