16-Requirements of Good Building Stones

Requirements of Good Building Stones

The good quality building stone must possess a number of characters for their efficient work in building and other structures. Some important characteristics are as follows:

1. A good building stone should have a pleasing and uniform colour and free from cracks, decay, clay holes, etc.

2. A good building stone should have an unstratified structure. Rocks with stratified nature will split up along the plane of stratification, if not properly placed.

3. A good building stone should be fine-grained because they are having good crushing strength as well as good texture.

4. The good building stones should be compact because these can resist more pressure.

5. A good building stone should be heavily weighted because the weight of stone indicates the porosity and density of the stone.

6. A good building stone should have less porosity because of lesser the porosity more the compactness or vice versa.

7. A good building stone should be durable. The durability of a stone depends upon the structural formation, chemical composition, cementing material and lower of resisting wear and tear.

8. A good building stone must have good crushing strength the crushing strength of the stone varies from 150 to 1000 kg/cm2.

9. A good building stone must be hard enough. A rock not scratched by a knife represents a hardness of 7 and if scratch with a fingernail represents a hardness of 2.

10. A good building stone should have the power to resist the wear and tear due to atmospheric actions.

11. A good building stone should be readily workable. These should have the qualities to facilitate easy cutting, dressing i.e. bringing into the required shape and size.

12. A good building stone should not absorb the water more than 10% when immersed in water for 24 hours.

14. A good building stone should be seasoned for 8 to 10 months before they can be used.

15. A good building stone should be tough. Toughness index 13 to 19 are considered as a medium tough and stones with toughness index less than 13 are poor stones.

16. A good building stone should have a good texture. Fine-grained stones with homogeneous distribution look attractive and hence they are used for carving.

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