Requirements of Good Quality Timber

Requirements of Good Quality Timber

The good quality timber must possess a number of characteristics for their efficient work in building and other structures. Some important characteristics are as follows:


1. The freshly cut surface of good timber should exhibit a hard and shining appearance.

2. The good timber should be free from serious defects, like dead knots, shakes, spongy hearts, etc.

3. The good timber should be durable. It should be capable of resisting the action of fungi insects, physical and chemical agencies, and mechanical agencies.

4. The good timber should produce a sonorous sound when it is struck.

5. The good timber should be capable of retaining its shape during conversion or seasoning.

6. The good timber should offer resistance when it is being penetrated by another body.

7. The timber is a bad conductor of heat. A dense wood offers good fire resistance and it requires sufficient heat to cause a flame.

8. The good timber should have low water permeability.

9. The good timber should be capable of offering resistance to the shocks due to vibration.

10. The good timber should be easily workable.

11. The good timber should have a sweet smell. An unpleasant smell indicates decayed timber.

12 The good timber should have straight continuous fiber.
13. The good timber should have an elastic property. This property of timber would be essential when it is to be used for bows, carriage, shafts, sports, goods, etc.

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