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Door size is essential whether you are looking for a new door for decorative or functional purposes, and it is necessary for exterior, interior, or any door. 

There are standard door sizes, and the size you need depends on different factors. Here you will know more about door sizes how to measure door size to choose the right one while buying a new door.

What is Door?

A door is a movable barrier or panel fitted into the doorway or portal that permits ingress into and egress from the building. 

The opening formed in the wall refers to the doorway, and its primary purpose is to provide safety and security by controlling access to the entrance. 

Usually, doors are fastened by hinges but can move by other means, such as slides, revolving, folding, or counterbalancing.

Importance of Doors

Doors are an important part of a building that provides security and privacy by controlling access to the entrance. They also give an appealing look to our house.

Apart from security and privacy, doors play an essential role in the home interior. So before buying a door for your dream house, one should consider its durability, weather resistance, and appearance.

Generally, in a house/apartment, doors are provided at the entrance, bedroom, study room, bathroom, and sometimes in the kitchen.

But all doors are of different sizes as per the room requirement, which we will discuss in this article.

Standard Size of Doors

Based on placement, doors can be classified as exterior and interior doors. Exterior and interior doors standard sizes may vary from country to country.

The door size depends on door positioning for where you need a door because the interior door size is different from the size of exterior doors.

Generally, the main entrance door is about 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall, and thickness or depth may vary based on material type. 

Standard Door Size

However, you can use taller doors that may be visually appealing with a large entrance or cathedral ceiling in home design.

Double-entry doors are, also known as french doors, have double panels, each width 30 to 36 inches and height 80 inches, and their exterior door frame is wider than a standard door. You can also use custom entryway doors with unique dimensions.

Interior doors come in more standard options with widths varying from 18 to 16 inches based on uses and room design.

You don’t require a wide door for a small closet as you need for a bedroom or bathroom area where people need to pass.

The Fair Housing Act suggests a door width of 32 inches minimum for entrance and interior door frames recommended for people to pass.

It adjusts accessibility for a wide range of people and mobility devices, and it may be an essential consideration to recognize if you are planning for a new doorway.

Doors can be designed as per the required size, but the standard size of exterior and interior doors are as follows.

Exterior Door
42″ × 80″3’6″ × 6′ 8″1016 × 2032101.6 × 203.21.01 ×2.03
Interior Door
36″ × 80″3′ × 6’8″914.4 × 203291.44 × 203.20.914 × 2.03

Standard Size of Door Frame

The door frame comprises two vertical members termed jambs or posts and a flat member combining the jamb at the top, known as the head.

In some cases, the jamb/posts are joined by two horizontal members, and the bottom member refers to the sill. 

The jamb/posts, head, and sill are usually 10 cm wide and 8 to 10 cm deep. The head projects 5 to 10 cm outside the jamb/posts, and its projections, known as horns, help to secure the frame when it is built into the wall.

Standard Door Size

But presently, holdfasts are utilized instead of horns, placed inside the doors and windows jambs. Commonly, 6 and 4 numbers of holdfasts are employed for doors and windows. 

To receive the shutter, a replate of 1.25 cm to 1.5 cm deep is formed inside the frame. A door frame with detail of holdfast is shown in the image below.

The standard door size doesn’t include door frame size. Usually, the door frame size is greater than the door opening.

Standard Door Size

Door Frame Width = Width of left post + door width + width of right post

= 3″ + 36″ + 3″

Width of door frame = 42″


Door frame Height = door Height + height/depth of head

= 6′ 8″ + 3″

Door Frame Height = 9′ 8″

Hence, door frame size is 42″ x 9’8″

Standard Door Width

Since modern house designs adopt different widths, there is no fixed width for the door, and it may vary as per the design requirement.

However, the preferred standard width for interior doors is 32,” and for the exterior door, it is 36″. These are the minimum and standard space requirements for comfortable ingress and egress of individuals or residents.

The door having 36″ width comply with the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) and is suitable for mobility issues homes.

Other doors available in the market have a width shorter than 36″, such as 30″,28″,24″.

Standard Door Height

Door height depends upon many factors such as location (interior or exterior), place, and purpose. Commercial and residential buildings have different door heights.

Generally, the standard height for the door ranges from 80″ to 96″, suitable for the entry and exit of an average height person.

The standard height of the door in the United States is about 80″ or 6 feet 8 inches.

The standard height of the door In India is about 84″ or7 feet.

In the case of custom doors and personal choice, the door height maybe 96 inches or 8 feet.

How to Measure A Door Size

When you need to change a door for any reason, the best way is to take a few measurements of the existing door to ensure the correct door size before ordering any door. Avoid making assumptions and ordering a standard door.

Measuring the existing door is the right way to get a correct replacement. With the help of measuring tape, you can measure the width, height, depth, or thickness of the door already there.

Measure the height from the door top to the bottom. Don’t measure from the floor to the door top.

If you do so, you will make the threshold and clearance into your door’s size, which could cause installation issues.

In case there is an absence of a door in the entryway yet, you can measure the interior or exterior door frame. Remember, door frames are not always perfectly straight.

So take three width measurements, one toward the top, middle, and bottom. Select the smallest measurement as the width.

Similarly, measure the door height, left and right side of the door, and Select the smallest measurement as the height.

Lastly, take measurement of rebate. Rebate is the groove in the door frame that receives the shutter, and the rebate depth is generally the maximum thickness or depth of the door you can use there.

These measurements will help you shop for the closest doors without going over these numbers. 

For instance, if your measured height is 80.1 inches, you may ask for a door of 80 inches but not for a door of 81 inches.

Standard Door Size In India 

In India, mostly used standard door size for the exterior is 36” x 84”, 42” x 84”, 48” x 84”, 36” x 96” and for interior 30″ x 84″, 33″ x 84″,36″ x 84″, 39″ x 84″, 36″ x 96″, 

Based on function, use, and movability, the standard width and height of doors are specified in IS code. Following are the standard door size for different enclosures commonly used in India.

Door Size In Inches and Feet

Main Entrance36” x 84”,
42” x 84”,
48” x 84”,
36” x 96”
3′ × 7′
3’6″ × 7′
4′ × 7′
3′ × 8′
Living Room
Hall, Bedroom
36″ x 84″,
36″ x 96″
3′ × 7′
3′ × 8′
30″ x 84″,
33″ x 84″
2’6″ × 7′
2’9″ × 7′

Door Size In MM, CM and Meter

Main Entrance914.4 × 2133.6
1066.8 × 2133.6
1219.2 × 2133.6
914.4 × 2133.6
91.44 × 213.36
106.68 × 213.36
121.92 × 213.36
91.44 × 213.36
0.91 ×2.13
0.91 ×2.13
0.91 ×2.13
0.91 ×2.13
Living Room
Hall, Bedroom
914.4 × 2133.6
914.4 × 2133.6
91.44 × 2133.6
91.44 × 2133.6
0.91 × 2.13
0.91 × 2.13
762 × 2133.6
838.2 × 2133.6
76.2 × 213.36
83.82 × 213.36
0.76× 2.13
0.83 × 2.13

Standard Door Height In South Africa

In South Africa most commonly used door size is 32″ × 80″, but based on need, design, and positioning, it can differ from 30″ × 80″ to 47″ × 80″.

Usually, entry or exterior doors are wider than interior doors, but the standard size for both exterior and interior doors is 32″ × 80″.

The height of the door varies from 80″ to 96″ inches, and one can use these heights based on their need.

Standard Door Height In Uk (United Kingdom)

The most commonly used door size in the UK is 30″ × 78″, but it may differ based on need, design, and purpose. 

Other standard door sizes are 24″ × 78″, 27″ × 78″, 30″ × 78″, 33″ × 78″, 34″ × 78″, 36″ × 84″. One can use these sizes as per their need.

Standard Door Size in the USA

In the USA, the standard door size for an exterior door is 36″ × 80,” and for inter door, the size is 30″ × 80″.

Other commonly used standard door sizes are 24″ × 80″, 28″ × 80″, 32″ × 80″, 36″ × 80″.

Standard Door Size In Australia

In Australia, mostly used standard door size is 32″ × 80″ and except this size other sizes are 20″ × 80″, 24″ × 80″, 28″ × 80″, 30″ × 80″, 34″ × 80″, 36″ × 80″.

Various Types of Door Standard Size

Based on the positioning commonly, there are two types of door used in building construction Exterior door and Interior door.

Entrance Door

It is the primary entryway of any house, which means it should have sufficient width and height to pass people and any object. It may be a single or double entry door based on design.

Single Door

30″ × 80″0.762 × 2.032
32″ × 80″0.812 × 2.032
36″ × 80″0.914 × 2.032
42″ × 80″1.066 × 2.032

Double Entry Door

Double entry doors have two two-door panels that allow you to make a wider doorway when required.

Based on the door you buy or own, one door panel can stay fixed or locked so that only the primary active door panel opens and closes, similar to a single door.

The difference is that you always choose to operate single or both doors.

Advanatges of Double Entry Door

  1. Double entry doors give you the feel of a grand entry and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home.
  2. Double doors make wider access, making moving furniture or packages ingress and egress of your house more comfortable.
standard door size
Total WidthHeightEach Door Width

Interior Door

Single Door

28″ × 80″0.711 × 2.032
32″ × 80″0.812 × 2.032
36″ × 80″0.914 × 2.032

Double Entry Door

WidthHeightEach Door Width

I hope now you have enough information about standard door size.

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