8 Tips to Improve Your Office’s Indoor Air Quality

Most people nowadays call for environmental changes for the betterment of nature, and one of their main goals is to better the air quality of the world;

While that is good and all, people often say that indoor air quality is often much worse than outside.

With many people packed in a single place, dirt, debris, and air pollution can quickly build up, especially when it’s an enclosed space. 

Poor air quality inside your office space can be so bad that it will lead up to health conditions, and one of them is sick building syndrome, which for the most part, is still mostly unknown to scientists.

Of course, we all don’t want this as not only will it affect the health of our workers, but it could also lead to a significant decrease in overall productivity. 

So what can you do about it? Well, there are things that you can do to improve your office’s air quality. Here are some of them.

Change Your AC Filters

Air-conditioning systems have filters that work round the clock to promote better air ventilation in your offices and eliminate air pollutants that might be lingering in your space. 

Eventually, however, according to Perth air conditioning contractors, Stinson Air, these filters will clog up and cause trouble to your office space’s indoor air quality.

Not only that, instead of getting rid of those pollutants, they will be lingering in the enclosed space because of the inefficient air filter. 

Also, if you continue to ignore this problem, your air filter can get damaged, which will cost you more down the line.

That said, always check if your air filter is still working correctly and needs repairing or replacing.

This is especially true if your office space is smack dab in the middle of a vast metropolitan area where many air pollutants are around.

And while you’re at it, check your air ducts. Air ducts can also accumulate dust and pollen. If it is not cleaned regularly, they will eventually release all of their accumulated allergens into the air, worsening indoor air quality.

Not only that, but if installed incorrectly, it can release chemicals into the air, which are harmful to the people around.

Change HVAC Units Regularly

Sometimes, HVAC units are the main culprit when your office space has poor ventilation and an abundance of air pollutants.

This happens when you don’t clean the filters regularly or if you’re still using an old HVAC unit. 

Remember, clogged filters can interrupt airflow and even introduce pollutants inside your office space.

If you’re still running an old one, you can at least let a professional inspect it or change the unit altogether.

Let Natural Air In

As mentioned earlier, natural air is sometimes much cleaner than indoor air. This is especially true if your office building is close to the countryside where little air pollution is present. 

That said, if the temperature and humidity allow it, you can let natural air inside by opening windows.

With the windows open, there will be proper ventilation, and it will be easier for air to rotate around your office space and out the window, carrying all the dirt and debris with it.

Also, keep your ventilation vents unblocked by storage boxes, cabinets, chairs, etc., so the HVAC unit can work properly.

You can also introduce indoor plants. They are pleasing and relaxing to the eyes and can also absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release more fresh oxygen inside your office space.

Keep Your Workspaces as Clean as Possible

This one is a given, even if you’re not actively trying to improve your air indoors. Cleaning up messes right away, like spills or leaks, would mean less accumulation of mold, dust, and other possible allergens.

If neglected, these might contaminate your entire office space. Also, try to avoid cleaning your workspaces with strong cleaners and use natural ones instead.

Get Indoor Plants

Getting a few plants for your office space will make it more beautiful and promote more oxygen. Plants are nature’s cleaners because they can absorb toxins in the air.

Indoor air quality

However, ensure that you don’t spill too much when watering them, as it can lead to mold growth. 

If you’re looking for which plants to buy for your office space, you can try Spider Plant and Golden Pothos. They effectively absorb benzene, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air.

Use Air-Cleaning Devices

If you want your air to improve further, you can use air cleaners such as dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

These are good substitutes if you don’t want to buy plants for your office space. They are also good in tandem with a great HVAC unit, improving indoor air quality.

Check Your Building Materials and Furnishing

Insulation, cabinetry, carpeting, or furniture can introduce chemicals inside your office space for a surprisingly long time after purchase.

Sometimes, they have chemicals that spread into the air, which can also cause health problems for your workers. 

That said, only buy things that don’t have chemicals in their manufacturing process and always check the materials they are made from.

Not only that, throw out old junk you don’t need anymore as, for all you know, they might still be spreading chemicals into the air.

Restrict Smoking

Cigarette smoke has a lot of fine particulate matter like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and thousands of other chemicals we don’t want in our office space.

Indoor air quality

In addition, various illnesses stem from secondhand smoke, so as much as possible, ban them in your office.

You can do so by dedicating an entire room to smoking or outright prohibiting them during office hours.

Final Words

Good indoor quality protects your employees from certain illnesses. Not only that, but it will also make your employees feel much more refreshed in the office, increasing their productivity.

There are a lot more things you can do to improve your indoor air quality but for now, make sure to follow the tips we discussed above. 


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