All Cement Price List Today 2022

Cement is one of the essential and widely used construction materials. Today, without using cement, we can't imagine any construction work.

After the invention of cement, it replaced materials like lime and clay, commonly used for construction for thousands of years.

Cement is a binding material that is widely used in construction work. Under water, cement sets sufficiently and hardens fast and gains strength.

It has hydraulic properties to a great extent and attains more strength in the setting. In actuality, cement is a calcareous substance used in mortar and concrete for construction.

Two types of cement are most commonly used for construction.  (OPC)Ordinary Portland Cement and (PPC) Portland Pozzolana Cement

OPC 43-grade is used for Plain cement concrete, and Reinforced cement concrete works for the concrete grade up to M30.

Nowadays, PPC has become the first choice because it contains pozzolanic material, improves the concrete strength, and satisfies the green building criteria.

When deciding between OPC and PPC, you should consider the days you need to remove the Shuttering or formwork. The concrete mix prepared using PPC takes more time to set than OPC.

If you are planning to construct a new house then you must know about its current price in the market.

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