Building Estimate In Excel

An estimate is the expected or probable work cost and is generally prepared before the construction's execution.

For the construction of all engineering works, it is essential to know the probable cost of construction for the complete work previously

That including labour cost, material cost, transportation cost, scaffolding cost, tools and plants cost, water cost, taxes, charges for supervision and establishment and contractor's profit.

If the above estimated probable cost is higher than the available fund, exercises are performed to reduce the cost by changing the specifications or reducing the work.

For preparing an estimate, the quantities of several work items are determined by straightforward mensuration systems, and from these quantities, the cost is computed.

The calculations mainly consist of (length x breadth x height) or ( length x breadth) or ( height/thickness).

Hence an estimator has to go into details of each item, whether big or small by imagining a building or structure, etc. from the study of drawing and specifications.

Accuracy in the estimate is essential; otherwise, it is difficult to arrange for additional money if the expenditure exceeds the estimate.

Today in this story, we are sharing building estimation excel sheet.

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