When we plan to construct a new house, one question comes to our mind, what will be the construction cost?

It is a usual question that everyone faces before constructing his home because house construction requires significant investment.

We ask from contractor or engineer to answer this question what will be the probable cost of construction.

Most of the people ask their friends and relative who recently finished the construction of their house.

It helps us to compare the cost of construction provided by different contractors, which is the best way to compare the construction cost.

It is necessary to compare the construction cost because sometimes contractors quote too much price, confusing us.

But with the correct information about construction cost, we can hire the best one to construct our dream home and save our hard-earned money without compromising the construction quality.

Construction cost is an amount charged by the contractor or builder for one square foot construction (Measurement of Slab Area, length, and width of slab) of any house or building.

The construction cost may vary from location to location based on the locally available construction material.

Today in this story, I'm sharing the house construction cost calculator excel sheet with my experience to get your house construction cost easily.

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