Are you looking for a new door for your new home or planning to replace your existing door to give a fresh look to your home?

A door has a significant impact on our house. There are several technical terms for the various parts, and sometimes, these strange names can confuse things.

It is better to know these technical terms or essential parts of a door that makes you confident to talk with a contractor or dealer and choose the best one for your sweet home.

A door frame is an arrangement of horizontal and vertical components attached to a wall opening to form an enclosure where the door is fixed. It is a skeleton that holds the door.

Door jambs are the vertical members on each side of a door frame. The word "jamb" originates from the jambe, a french word that means "leg" – and door jambs are also designated the "legs."

The sill is the bottom member of the door frame that is sealed and fixed to the floor. It helps to counter the bending of the vertical member of the door frame during and after construction.

The door casing or lining is a set of the head, jambs, and door frame sill. It is another term used for the door frame.

Threshold  is a transition from the door sill to the room floor. It is a decorative element depending on your style that can be simple or elaborate.

Stop Moulding  is a trim fixed to a door frame that arranges the panel of the door inside the frame and stops it from swinging within the frame.

Door Trim  is an ornamental segment installed over the door frame to cover the portion where the jambs and header reach the rough opening.

Brick Mould  is an exterior casing that conceals the gap between a door frame and the external surface of the wall.

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