Standard Room Sizes & Their Location In Residential Building

When we plan to construct our dream house, we want it to have proper sunlight and ventilation and fulfil all our requirements with maximum space utilization.

To achieve this, we should know the standard sizes of various rooms and the location we will plan for our dream house.

It is essential to know the rooms' standard sizes and location because its proper implementation provides natural air, sunlight, and space for movement to the residents.

A bungalow-type standard residential building consists of a front and rear verandah, drawing room, dining room,

kitchen, store, pantry, bedroom, dressing, bathroom, water closet, office room, guest room, and garage.

According to the need and money availability, one can reduce the number of the room.

The drawing-room, dining room, pantry, kitchen, and store should be drawn in one row and connected to set the plan.

While bedroom, dressing room, office room, bath, and water closet should be drawn on the other side,

With a corridor or covered passage in between to approach the drawing-room and bedroom, etc., directly.

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