Which Cement Is Best For House Construction?

Which cement is best for house construction or Which cement should I use to build my house is a common query that people ask when they plan to construct their dream home.

This question is obvious because house construction is a significant investment for people, and cement is one of the essential building materials for house construction.

For people, house construction is a one-time investment, so they do not want to compromise on its quality.

Several cement brands offer different types of cement in the market, which generally confuses the buyer to choose the best one for their house.

Two types of cement are most commonly used in India. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and  PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement)

OPC is the most common type of cement and has generally been used in almost every construction work for a long time.

PPC has now become the first choice due to using pozzolanic materials. They are the by-products of thermal stations that help reduce the environmental problem and give better property to the cement.

Usually, OPC 53 grade cement is preferable for all types of RCC work, structural members such as slab, beam, column, and footing, where initial and ultimate strength is essential for structure.

Since PPC is manufactured using pozzolanic material, that helps to enhance concrete strength and match the green building requirements resulting in most OPC manufacturers moving toward PPC.

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