Requirements of Good Quality Bricks

 Requirements of Good Quality Bricks:

The good quality bricks must possess a number of the characteristic for their efficient work in building and other structures. Some important characteristics are as follows:

1.   A good brick should be uniform in shape and standard in size.

2. The colour of the good brick should be deep redcherry or copper in colour.

3. A good brick should have even surfacesharp edge and compact structure.

4. A good brick should give a clear metallic ringing sound when struck with each other.

5. A good brick be sufficiently hard and no nail impression should be left in the brick surface when scratched with a fingernail.

6. A good brick should be well burnt in the kilns.

7. A good brick should not break when dropped flat on hard surface from a height of one meter.

8. The crushing strength of first-class bricks should be 10.5 N/mm2 or 105 kg/cm2.

9. Bricks should be moulded from good brick earth which does not contain organic matter like salts and stone.

10. A good brick should not absorb water more than 20% by its dry weight when soaked in cold water for a period of 24 hours.

11. A good brick, when soaked in water for 24 hours, should not show deposits of white salts when allowed to dry in salts.

12. A good brick should be free from cracks, flaws and lime nodules.
13. A good brick should able to resist atmospheric actions.

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