House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet

House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet

When we plan to construct a new house, one question comes to our mind, what will the construction cost.

It is a usual question that everyone faces before the construction of his home.

We ask from contractor or engineer to answer this question what will be the probable cost of construction.

Most of the people ask their friends and relative who recently finished the construction of their house.

There may be various reasons to know the construction cost of a house which are as follows.

  • To know the estimated cost of construction so that we can arrange the fund.
  • It gives us an idea of how much funds we shall be needed to complete the particular stage.
  • It helps to know whether we can arrange the fund by ourselves or we have to take the loan for the house.
  • It provides us adequate time to complete the loan process.

Furthermore, it helps us to compare the cost of construction provided by different contractors, which is the best way to compare the construction cost.

It is necessary to compare the construction cost because sometimes contractors quote too much price, confusing us.

But with the correct information about construction cost, we can hire the best one to construct our dream home and save our hard-earned money without compromising the construction quality.

Today in this article, I’m sharing the house construction cost calculator excel sheet with my experience to get your house construction cost easily.

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What is Construction Cost?

It is an amount charged by the contractor or builder for one square foot construction (Measurement of Slab Area, length, and width of slab) of any house or building. 

The construction cost may vary from location to location based on the locally available construction material.

For instance, if you are building a house in an urban area, the construction cost will be low because, in the metropolitan area, construction materials are readily available.

While building a house in a rural area, the construction cost will be high because construction materials are not readily available in a rural area. You have to transport them from the city, which adds transportation costs.

For instance, the average construction cost varies from 1000 to 1500 rupees square feet. But it may be separated into the following way.

  1. Basic Quality Construction = 1100 Rs/sqft
  2. Medium Quality Construction = 1400 Rs/ sqft
  3. Premium Quality Construction = 1800 Rs/sqft

So if you want to construct a house of 1000 square feet with normal quality construction, it will cost you 1400 Rs/sqft.

Total construction cost = Area × Rate = 1000 × 1400 = 1400000.00 Rs (Including labour and Material.)

I hope now you understood the construction cost.

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General Information And Practical Data For Building Work

The following information and data are approximate and vary according to the location, nature of work, structures, methods of construction, etc. For the general idea and preliminary estimate, these will be helpful.

Cost of Materials and Labour

Materials Cost – 70 to 65% of the whole cost of the building.

Labour Cost – 30 to 35% of the whole cost of the building.

Direct and Overhead Cost

The direct cost for actual work – 85 % of the whole cost.

An overhead expense because establishment, supervision, incidental, etc., is 15% of the whole cost.

Foundation & Superstructure

Cost for foundation and Plinth – 10 to 15% of the whole cost.

Cost for the superstructure – 85 to 90% of the whole cost.

First Floor

Cost for the first floor – 85 to 90% of the Ground floor.

Electrical and Sanitary Work

Water Supply and Sanitary Installation – 8% of the Building Cost

Electrical Work excluding fans – 8% of the Building Cost

Percentage Break up of Building Work For Different items of work Excluding Electrical and Sanitary Work

Items of Work(%)Percentage of
the whole cost
Earthwork in excavation and Filling0.5%
Concrete in Foundation5%
Damp Proof Course1%
Doors and Windows16%
White Washing2%

How to use this calculator excel sheet to calculate house construction cost?

When you plan to construct a new house, search for a contractor in your local area and ask them the construction rate so that you can get an idea about the construction in your locality.

Step # 1 – Enter your plot length and width in feet.

house construction cost calculator

Step # 2 – Now, enter your construction rate in square feet.

house construction cost calculator

Step # 3 – To know the material cost enter the material rate as per your local market rate, and it will give you the material cost.

house construction cost calculator

It will show you your house’s plot area and total construction cost with all the necessary resources with their quantity and amount required to build a house.

How to get House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet?

To get the house construction cost calculator excel sheet please mail “I want excel sheet” to [email protected].

Note: This excel sheet provides you with an approximate cost of construction, material quantity, and amount. The actual price depends upon site conditions, architectural and structural drawings.

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