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Steel Price Per Kg Today

Different materials are required to construct a home/building or any structure. But steel is one of the essential materials for construction and has a vital role in construction costs. So we must know about its current price.

The prices of steel have almost doubled during the last year in India, reflecting growing steel prices globally.

A steep rise in raw materials prices like iron ore and coal has contributed to the steep hike in India.

India is also experiencing a price increase due to China’s decision to cut steel production and exports.

Increased household demand had induced China to remove rebates and charge export taxes on specific steel products to discourage exports this year.

Production of steel is also limited to decrease emissions of carbon dioxide.

India is the world’s second-biggest steel-producing country after china. A price increase started around the second half of the year 2020-21 in India and has continued since then. 

After covid lockdown, there was a sudden rise in steel demand. An increase in steel consumption, a resumed focus on infrastructure, and government initiatives like “Make in India” have raised steel demand.

Steel is one of the most consumable and costly construction materials, and we can’t imagine any construction work without using steel. 

Reinforcement bars are used in concrete to increase its performance in tension because concrete has excellent compressive strength, but poor tensile strength and steel bars increase their tensile strength.

Different diameters of steel bars with a circular shape as per Indian Standards are primarily used in construction. Following diameters, steel bars are widely used in construction In India.

Steel Price Per Kg Today
  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 40 mm

You can purchase steel reinforcement bars from the local vendor if the quantity of steel required is less. But for a considerable amount of steel, one can contact the manufacturer for the most reasonable price.

Steel Price Per Kg Today In India

Following are the per kg prices of various steel brands TMT bar of different diameters for Fe 500 grade.

Steel Price Per Kg List Today In India

Steel Brand8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm25mm
Tata Tiscon₹67.22₹65.26₹64.29₹64.27₹64.29₹64.14
JSW Steel₹67.41₹65.46₹64.18₹64.32₹64.35₹64.14
Jindal Panther₹67.22₹65.26₹64.26₹64.23₹64.29₹64.14
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹66.86₹65.49₹64.42₹64.41₹64.46₹64.39
Shyam Steel₹67.04₹65.03₹64.10₹64.05₹64.12₹63.95
Vizag Steel₹55.91₹55.87₹54.62₹54.64₹54.63₹64.63
SRMB Steel₹66.51₹64.81₹63.94₹64.09₹64.18₹64.06
Essar TMT₹72.21₹72.21₹71.78₹71.78₹71.78₹71.78
Radha TMT₹65.8₹65.49₹64.42₹64.76₹64.75₹64.75
Birla TMT₹65.08₹63.43₹62.67₹62.44₹62.6₹62.43
SEL Tiger TMT₹65.8₹64.58₹63.86₹63.69₹63.81₹63.68
Ultra TMT₹73.48₹73.25₹72.29₹72.05₹72.90₹71.11
Prime Gold₹72.41₹70.74₹69.75₹69.77₹69.81₹69.63

The prices mentioned above are per kg in rupees, excluding GST, and may vary depending on your location.

Steel Brand8mm10mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
Tata Tiscon₹79.32₹77.01₹75.83₹75.84₹75.86₹75.68
JSW Steel₹79.54₹77.28₹75.73₹75.9₹75.93₹75.68
Jindal Panther₹79.32₹77.01₹75.83₹75.79₹75.86₹75.68
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹78.9₹77.28₹76.01₹76.00₹75.06₹75.98
Shyam Steel₹79.11₹76.74₹75.64₹75.58₹75.66₹75.46
Vizag Steel₹65.97₹65.93₹64.45₹64.48₹64.46₹64.46
SRMB Steel₹78.48₹76.47₹75.45₹75.63₹75.73₹75.59
Essar TMT₹85.20₹85.20₹84.70₹84.70₹84.70₹84.70
Radha TMT₹77.64₹77.28₹76.01₹76.42₹76.40₹76.41
Birla TMT₹76.79₹74.85₹73.95₹73.68₹73.87₹73.67
SEL Tiger TMT₹77.64₹76.2₹75.36₹75.16₹75.29₹75.14
Ultra TMT₹86.71₹86.43₹85.30₹85.02₹84.84₹83.90
Prime Gold₹85.44₹83.47₹82.2₹82.33₹82.38₹82.16

The prices mentioned above are per kg in rupees, including GST, and may vary depending on your location.

Steel Price Per Ton Today In India

Steel Brand8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm25mm
Tata Tiscon₹67220₹65260₹64260₹64270₹64290₹64140
JSW Steel₹67410₹65490₹64180₹64320₹64350₹64140
Jindal Panther₹67220₹65260₹64260₹64230₹64290₹64140
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹66860₹65490₹64420₹64410₹64460₹64390
Shyam Steel₹67040₹65030₹64100₹64050₹64120₹63950
Vizag Steel₹55910₹55870₹54620₹54640₹54630₹54630
SRMB Steel₹66510₹64810₹63940₹64090₹64180₹64060
Essar TMT₹72210₹72210₹71780₹71780₹71780₹71780
Radha TMT₹65800₹65490₹64420₹64760₹64750₹64750
Birla TMT₹65080₹63460₹62670₹62440₹62600₹62430
SEL Tiger TMT₹65800₹64580₹63860₹63690₹63810₹63680
Ultra TMT₹73480₹73250₹72290₹72050₹71900₹71110
Prime Gold₹72410₹70740₹69750₹69770₹69810₹69630

The prices mentioned above are per ton in rupees, excluding GST, and may vary depending on your location.

Steel Price Per Piece Today

Steel Brand8mm10mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
Tata Tiscon₹376₹572₹808₹1438₹2247₹3503
JSW Steel₹377₹574₹807₹1439₹2249₹3503
Jindal Panther₹376₹574₹810₹1441₹2253₹3503
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹374₹598₹844₹1503₹2349₹3517
Shyam Steel₹375₹570₹582₹1036₹1618₹2529
Vizag Steel₹353₹544₹780₹1388₹2167₹3387
SRMB Steel₹372₹568₹804₹1434₹2243₹3499
Essar TMT₹404₹633₹903₹1606₹2509₹3920
Radha TMT₹368₹574₹810₹1449₹2263₹3537
Birla TMT₹364₹566₹788₹1397₹2188₹3410
SEL Tiger TMT₹368₹566₹803₹1425₹2230₹3478
Ultra TMT₹411₹642₹909₹1612₹2513₹3884
Prime Gold₹405₹620₹877₹1561₹2440₹3803

The prices mentioned above are per piece in rupees, including GST, and may vary depending on your location.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Steel Bars

Different factors affect the price of steel bars due to which steel price differs in the market. The following factors affect the price of steel bars in the market.

Demand and Supply Rate

The cost of any product varies according to its demand and supply, and the rate of steel bars also relies on this.

When supply grows and demands to drop, the rate of steel bars decreases. And, if demand increases and supply is not adequate to fulfil the demand, steel prices rise.

Availability Of Raw Material & Its Cost

The Price of raw materials needed for steel production has a critical impact on steel price variation.

As raw material prices rise, steel production cost increases due to which steel bars price increase in the market.

If raw materials required for steel production are not available locally, it will add transportation costs that will affect the steel price in the market.

Transportation and Distribution Cost

Transportation and distribution cost has an essential role in setting the steel price. Product is transported from manufacturers to distributors and distributors to local retailers. If the distance of transportation is long, it will affect its price.

Cost of Energy and Power

The cost of energy required for steel production significantly impacts steel prices. The local coal crisis has hit the steel sector.

Due to the coal shortage, India is gaping at a power crisis. In India, over 70% of power comes from coal-powered plants.

India has lowered its fossil fuel investment by prioritizing renewable energy to complete its climate change targets.

Steel Bars of Various Grades Used in India

Steel bars in India are often categorised into various classes according to their chemical make-up, tensile strength, and intended use. Some of the most popular steel bar grades in India are as follows:

Fe 250

This type of steel is frequently used for reinforcing concrete buildings. The lowest yield strength it can achieve is 250 N/mm2.

Fe 415

The minimal yield strength for Fe 415 steel means it can be utilised in construction. It is employed in concrete constructions requiring moderate to high strength.

Fe 500

The minimum yield strength of Fe 500 high-strength steel is 500 N/mm2. In the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, and other heavy structures, it is commonly used.

Fe 550

Having a minimum yield strength of 550 N/mm2, Fe 550 is a high-strength steel. Nuclear power plants and dams are just two examples of the kinds of constructions that benefit from its utilisation.

Fe 600

Ultra-high-strength steel of the Fe 600 kind has a yield strength of at least 600 N/mm2. It finds usage in niche contexts where great durability is essential.

Other grades may be offered in India depending on a project’s needs, but these are the most often utilised ones. Factors such as the expected load, the type of concrete, and the size and shape of the structure will determine the type of steel bar utilised in a given project.

Unit Weight of Various Diameter Steel Bars

unit weight of steel
Diameter of
Steel Bar
Unit Weight
Unit Weight
10 mm0.6190.187
12 mm0.8880.27
16 mm1.580.48
20 mm2.4690.75
25 mm3.8580.422
32 mm6.321.921
40 mm9.873.00

Best Steel Brands In India

Several steel brands are available in India to produce various steel grades as per the need. Here we are listing some best steel/TMT bar brands for Construction In India.

  • Tata Tiscon
  • JSW Steel
  • Essar Steel
  • Jindal Steel
  • Vizag Steel
  • VISA Steel
  • SRMB Steel
  • Kamdhenu Steel
  • Shyam Steel
  • Mesco Steel

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