10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

Best Tiles Companies In India

Flooring is a core part of our home, office, and shop’s interior. It is the prime appeal when someone enters your home, and tiles have a vital role in the flooring of our home.

Your home shows who you are and describes your viewpoint towards life. Hence, it is essential to furnish your home with the Best Tiles Brands in India to perfect your home’s aesthetic. 

China is the world’s biggest country of ceramic tiles manufacturer, consumer, and exporter. 

It was the leading ceramic tiles manufacturer globally, producing approximately 5.2 billion square meters of ceramic tiles in 2019. 

At the same time, India was the second-biggest producer, producing around 1.27 billion square meters that year.

Several companies are present in the market, and they often confuse the buyer while making a choice. Hence it becomes tough to make the final choice.

As I stated above, tile is one of the vital building materials. People who want to build their house are looking for the best tiles brand because they know that tiles play a vital role in the beauty of their home.

So in this post, we are sharing a list of the best tiles companies in India. You can choose any tile brand because they are recognized growing brands in the tiles business and deliver quality products to the consumer.

You can go with any tile brand listed below, which allows your budget because they all are best in quality.

They may have the only price difference. You can select any tile brand mentioned below as per your budget and brand presence in your locality.

So now, let’s explore the best tiles companies in India.

So, Let’s Begin

10 Best Tiles Companies In India As Per Market Cap

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021
S.No.Tiles CompanyMarket Cap In Cr
1Kajaria Ceramics7436.49
2H R Johnson6604.00
3Grindwell Norton6401.00
4Cera Sanitary3200.75
6Somany Ceramics 1356.44
7Asian Granito636.05
10Bajaj Tiles75.00

10 Best Tiles Companies In India As Per Production Capacity

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021
S. No.Tiles CompanyProduction Capacity
1Kajaria Ceramics73.00
2Somany Ceramics60.00
3Asian Granito35.76
5Grindwell Norton20.00
10Cera Sanitaryware3.00

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Kajaria Ceramic Ltd

Kajaria ceramics is one of the best tile companies in India, founded in mid-1988 by Shri Ashok Kumar Kajaria and headquartered in New Delhi, India. 

10 Best Tiles Companies In India

The company has set the benchmark for other tiles companies by manufacturing quality products. The number one tile company has given new heights to the Indian tiles market.

It is the biggest producer of ceramic and vitrified tiles and exports globally to more than 30 Countries.

The leading tile company has nine plants across India in different states, including Gujarat, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. The number one tile company uses modern cutting-edge technology, which has no error.

The leading tile brand has built trust in the public and has won the green certificate for a commitment from every Indian.

The brand showcases its tiles pan-India by its broad and established dealer network, providing customers with the widest choice with 2800 designs in ceramic and vitrified in tiles across all price points.

Starting: 1985

Headquarter: Delhi

Production Capacity: 70 MAM (Million Square Meter)

Market Share: 6.3%

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Somany Ceramics Ltd

Somany is another one of the best tiles companies in India, founded in 1969 by the late Shri H.L. Somany and headquartered in Noida Utter Pradesh.

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

The company has an established strong presence in India and has a significant presence globally, including the United Kingdom, Africa, The Middle East, and Russia.

Somany Ceramica has production units in Kassar (Haryana) and Kadi (Gujrat), India, and other joint venture production plants. The company has an annual production capability of 60 million square meters, making it the second-biggest tile brand In India.

The company uses Italian designs and technology along with Italian and Spanish collaboration for tiles manufacturing. In addition, they produce Slip Shield using anti-skid technology for aged people and wet areas such as a bathroom.

The company offers a complete decor solution that provides you with a wide range of products, including ceramic floor and wall tiles, glazed tiles, polished vitrified tiles, digital tiles, and a tile-laying solution. The company also deals in Bath Fittings and Sanitaryware.

The company offers the finest quality with elegant designs at a very affordable price in the market. In addition, the brand has more than 250 state-of-the-art showrooms.

Starting: 1969

Headquarter: Noida Utter Pradesh

Production Capacity: 60 MSM

Market Share: 4.80%

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Asian Granito India Ltd

Asian Granito is India’s leading Ceramic, Vitrified, Outdoor tiles, Engineered Marble, and Quartz stone manufacturers

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

The company was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ahmedabad Gujrat, India. It is one of the best tiles companies in India.

The AGL has appeared as one of the biggest ceramic businesses in India in a short period of 20 years. In addition, the AGL has a global presence across the globe in more than 58 countries.

The company has gained massive growth 40 folds in 20 years, and it is India’s fastest-growing tile company. Also, AGL is one of the most profitable ceramic tile companies among the world’s 50 most profitable ceramic tile organizations.

The company has eight ultra-modern plants in Gujarat. As a result, the company is offering one of the most durable tiles in the Indian market.

The brand has a broad selling and distribution network, including 6000+ Dealers and Sub-Dealers along with 243+ Exclusive Dealer Showrooms spread all over India. It helps the brand to sell its wide range of products in the market.

Starting: 2000

Headquarter: Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

Production Capacity: 35.76 MSM

Market Share: 3.30%

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HSIL Hindware

HSIL is a well-known brand among the best tiles companies in India established in 1960 by Somany Group (promoter group) as Hindustan Twyfords Ltd, in collaboration with Twyfords UK, to introduce vitreous china sanitaryware in India.

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

The company was relabeled as Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Limited in 1969 and then HSIL Limited in 2009. It is one of the best ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings makers in India.

This company is the most reputable and among the best Ceramic tile company in India, which provides you with the best and most durable floor tile, bathroom fitting, and other building products.

At present, the company has four separate business divisions, that is the Building Products Division (BPD), Retail Division, Consumer Products Division (CPD), and Packaging Products Division (PPD).

As per the Fortune India 500′ 2018 list, HSIL is among India’s top 500 companies.

The company also offers you a wide range of products, including home decor and accessories, home furniture, modular kitchens, soft furnishings, modular wardrobes through retail format stores under the brand name Evoke.

Starting: 1960

Headquarter: Haryana India

Production Capacity: 7.2 MSM

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H R Jonson Tiles

H R Jonson is another among the best tiles company India founded in 1958 a separate division of Prism Johnson Limited(Formerly Prism Cement Limited).

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

The company is spreading its operation globally, including in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. They consider enormous pride in the brand name globally connected with high-quality products, primarily with floor tiles & wall tiles.

The brand uses raw materials of the best quality in tiles manufacturing, resulting in a pleasant and permanent experience. 

The company has ten nearby manufacturing units spread over India. Furthermore, the company has 1000 dealers and 49 branches, and 28 “House of Johnson” showrooms.

The company also offers you a wide range of lifestyle solutions, including Floor and wall tiles for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Spaces, excellent Marble material, Sanitaryware & Bath Fittings.

Starting: 1958

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Production Capacity: 4 MSM

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Cera Tiles

Cera Sanitaryware Limited was formed in 1998 to give a complete architect and designer solution. The company headquarter is placed in Ahmedabad. 

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021 Civil Lead

The company makes floor and wall tiles, kitchen sinks, sanitaryware, faucets, mirrors, and personal care products.

Cera is a well-known brand in India that offers high-quality products to the customer. The company uses natural gas to give extra shine to the products. All the products are prepared with top-line engineering facilities with the latest technology.

The company also provides customers with wellness products, such as shower partitions, shower panels, shower cubicles, steam shower rooms and pressure pumps.

The company’s main products include ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tiles, glazed vitrified tile, polished vitrified tiles, HD digital tiles, and elevation tiles.

The company has a wide sales network of more than 4000 retailers across India. They sell their floor tiles under Eterno, Ruvido, Elegante, Refinito, Lucido and Fiore.

Starting: 1998

Headquarter: Ahmedabad

Production Capacity : 3 MSM

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Orient Bell

Orient Bell Ltd is a leading tile brand in the Indian tile business. The company was founded in 1977 in New Delhi. 

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

One of the best tile brands in India offers a wide range of colours and designs, and they have something for every consumer to choose from.

The company applies state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing floor tiles, wall tiles, elevation tiles, and roof tiles.

Orient bell is the pioneer in making digital, vitrified, and ultra vitrified tiles in India. This brand provides you with amazing floor and wall solutions covering the entire range of uses for your living and working places.

The company considers exploring with catalogues, and every year, they introduce a new product range in the tile market. 

Starting: 1977

Headquarter: New Delhi

Production Capacity: 30 MSM

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Nitco Ltd

Nitco is among India’s oldest tile-making companies, founded in 1953 by Shri Pran Nath Talwar. It is among the ten best tiles brand in India.

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

The headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. The company has a significant presence across India that is maintained through 22 offices. 

It is one of the premium tile making companies in India. They manufacture floor and wall tiles as well as marble, mosaic, metal craft.

Nitco has a strong distribution network having more than 1100 direct dealers. Furthermore, the exports tile globally, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Muscat, Netherlands, Belgium, other European and African countries.

If you want to give your place a bright look, then Nitco Ltd will be the best choice for branded floor tiles for a home in India.

Nitco provides you with a wide range of vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, HD digital tiles, Highlighters, Gres Porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, and Engineered marbles.

Starting: 1953

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Production Capacity: 18 MSM

Market Share: 6%

Simpolo Tiles

Simpolo ceramic offers one of the best quality ceramic and vitrified tiles to the customers. It is one of the best tiles companies in India.

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

Simpolo is known for its displays and design-led products.

The company was established in 1977 and headquartered in  Morbi, Gujarat, India. 

The company has an excellent presence in India and globally, including Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Turkey, Middle East, the USA, Latin America, UK, Mauritius, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Simpolo uses advanced technology for producing tiles. As a result, ensures excellent quality products. It is among the biggest makers of ceramic tiles in India.

The company showcases its tiles collection at Ace Tech Exhibition in Mumbai & Ahmedabad (Vibrant ceramics expo).

Starting: 1977

Headquarter – Morbi, Gujarat, India

Production Capacity: 6.6 MSM

Bajaj Tiles

Bajaj tile is one of the famous and Leading tiles-making Brands in India. The company was organised in 1992 in Gujarat, India. It is among the oldest and most reliable tiles making companies in India.

10 Best Tiles Companies In India 2021

Bajaj company is a well-known brand in India. Since its beginning in 1990, the company is working actively to provide a quality product.

Bajaj is known for its innovation, durability, and quality product in the market. As a result, Bajaj Tiles has created a name for itself in India’s top tiles suppliers list.

The company has achieved remarkable growth with its several years of vital services in delivering the best quality flooring in the market.

Bajaj tiles provide you with digital wall tiles and Glazed wall tiles, Polished porcelain tiles (wholly vitrified), and Heavy-duty industrial tiles.

Starting: 1992

Headquarter: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Production Capacity: 75000 Square Meter Per day

Final Words

Apart from the above-listed tiles companies, several tiles companies in India are prevalent in a particular region.

Now it’s time to conclude the list of the ten best tiles companies in India in 2021. Now I hope that you have enough knowledge of India’s best brands. Now, this is the time to pay for the best.

Each of these brands discussed above has gained its place among the top 10 because of its features and durability.

If you want to add more tiles brands to the list mentioned above, you can mention them in the comment section.

Let me know via comment if you are using any of the tiles brands stated above to decorate your dream home. Please share these best tiles brands with your friends.

Finally, thanks! for reading the article.

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