Apps That Are Transforming the Construction Sector | Apps for the Construction Industry

Apps for the Construction Industry

Need help with some construction work? Hunting for the right team and tools? Well, you have reached your final destination then.

The purpose of this article is to explore different apps that can help you with any type of construction.

When it comes to construction, there are many types, usually determined by the kind of building that will be the finished product, or by the scale of the project.

It is important to recognize that each type of construction contributes to the shaping of the industry. 

One type of construction involves building, renovating, updating, or changing houses to make them larger, which is called house building and renovation.

Materials used in the construction of the house should be safe for people to live in, as well as considering matters such as waste disposal and energy efficiency. 

In the same way, commercial and industrial construction is typically used by businesses, retailers, or large corporations.

The construction of these buildings serves a specific purpose, which means they require materials that suit their purpose. 

Then, there is off-site construction, which involves designing and developing plans and materials away from the construction site and manufacturing materials to help move the project along.

Depending on the job role, parts may be preassembled or assembled on-site before installation. 

No matter what type of construction you are going for, some apps can help you with the process.

All you need for these apps is a reliable internet connection like Spectrum Internet and your project is done. You can take our word for it. 

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Apps for the Construction Industry

What are these apps? Keep reading to find out. Below are some of the best construction apps for you to download immediately:

DEWALT Mobile Pro

For everyday use on the job, the DEWALT Mobile Pro app provides powerful and convenient features for free download.

With five basic calculations and integrated reference materials, it offers help, examples, and illustrations for solving complex Jobsite math on the job. 

You can also create a list of favorite calculations for quick access, and send instant email notifications for calculation results.

So, you can keep track of recent calculations, create your own favorite calculations list, and view a running history of your recent calculations.


You might have already heard about this app. With FingerCAD, you can draw technical drawings using your fingers with the assistance of a computer.

Additionally, you can design anything you can do with a PC CAD program, from houses to bridges to planimetry in apartments to mechanical components. 

It is ideal for architects, surveyors, and site engineers. It can be used both for quick “hand” drawings and for more advanced designs.

Your files can be saved in a popular format (ex. .dxf) and shared or printed directly from your mobile device.


Hubstaff is software that helps managers and employees keep track of time and progress on projects. In addition, it has tools for team communication, payments, and invoicing.

On top of that, there will be no complications or problems that you need to address. By capturing images of your desktop and activity levels, you can gain insight into how you spend your time when you set a timer.

You can also track the progress of your employees’ projects and see where they are working.


The site manager or field supervisor can create professional PDF reports with a few taps and predefined project and report details.

The work on construction projects is almost always inspected by third parties. The construction manager is responsible for installing the work, while another person will inspect it. It can be the main contractor, a customer, or the quality team.

You can manage defects and track punch works with a mobile app for site managers with iNeoStyle.

The system allows users to photograph defects and add notes as well as create a snagging list.

It is possible to share such a list within a team. In addition, it can be used to track how these defects are being rectified.


Even though there are millions of apps out there, finding the right ones for you doesn’t have to be a hassle. And we have already compiled the best ones for you in this post.

These are the ones we believe you’ll benefit most from, but is there one you think needs to be included? Let us know in the comments.

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