Gypsum Vs Pop For False Ceiling: Pros & Cons

Gypsum Vs POP - Which one is the best for False Ceiling?

If you are planning to install a new false ceiling here are the pros and cons that will help you decide what to go for. Plaster of Paris and Gypsum are essentially composed of gypsum a naturally occurring mineral. Both contain calcium sulphate hydrate form but their water content in a molecule differs from each other. Gypsum and pop have some qualities which are common they lightweight heat-insulating and fire retardant. Here is the comparison between Gypsum and POP  as follows:

Gypsum Vs Pop For False Ceiling: Pros & Cons


  • Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral. Gypsum is mainly formed from the precipitation of marine water.
  • Plaster of Paris is manufactured. Pop is made up of gypsum. Pop is formed when gypsum boards including certain additives are heated up 175°C and then powdered.

  • Gypsum board is the hardened solid board of gypsum.
  • Pop is the powdered state of gypsum.
    How it is made

  • Gypsum plasterboard is made up of a mixture of different content measured with great accuracy which reduces the risk of bad quality in comparison to pop gypsum board is factory manufactured from gypsum with water and fuel additives sandwiched between paper.
  • Pop is manually made and has the risk of wrong proportions in the mixture.

  • Gypsum boards or panels come in a prefabricated ready to install form.
  • Whereas pop comes in powder form and it has to be mixed with water at side during application.

  • Gypsum boards are fixed with screws to a metal frame that is attached to the ceiling slab for long-term durability make sure that you opt for only good quality metal frames that are rustproof.
  • Pop is more durable than gypsum board since the same material is used for filling joints it does not show cracks easily.

  • Gypsum boards can easily be attached to the Steel mesh frames using screws.
  • The process of mixing the contents of a pop false ceiling on site is a Messy and lengthy process that requires a lot of cleaning afterwards.
    Chemical composition

  • Gypsum contains calcium sulphate dihydrate that is CaSO4 2H2O.
  • Whereas pop contains calcium sulphate hemihydrate that is CaSO4 1/2H2O.
    Decorative purpose

  • Gypsum board is used in straight covering purpose.
  • Whereas pop is in powder form so it can be used as a joint feeling white feeling and making moulding and corners to decorate modern design.
    Installation time

  • Gypsum board takes less time in installation.
  • Installing POP false ceiling is a time-consuming process.

  • Gypsum false ceiling is expensive as compared to Pop false ceiling.
  • pop is cheaper than gypsum false ceiling.
    Risk of cracking

  • Low risk of cracking as compared to pop.
  • Whereas in the case of POP there is a higher risk of cracking.

  • In the case of gypsum false ceiling, there is a low wattage as compared to pop and generates less dust during execution.
  • In the case of the POP false ceiling, a lot of POP mixture is vested in the application process and it requires adequate trying time.

  • Installing gypsum plasterboard is clean much efficient and healthy with very less dust untidiness as compared to pop false ceiling.
  • Doing a pop false ceiling is not only time consuming but also Messy dusty and gives unpolished feel.

  • Installing gypsum plasterboard is a faster process as compared to pop.
  • To create a pop false ceiling could take a most in months time.

  • In case of gypsum false ceiling since the mixture is made with precision, in factory conditions, the quality remains constant in boards of good brands.
  • In case of POP unless the mixture is prepared correctly in the right proportions of POP and water it will be of inferior quality and might shrink or crack for long-term durability make sure that only skilled workers mix and prepare the mixture at the site.

  • one of the main reason why gypsum boards are used for false the ceiling is because of its inertness towards the water. If moisture seeps into the Gypsum Ceiling through leaking roof or air conditioning drain pipe it may result in fungal growth or cause warping as a precaution of for only good brands of gypsum board which allow minimum water retention.
  • While doing POP false ceiling the ceiling cannot be installed when the poppy surfaces moist. The problem especially occurs during the monsoon season you must allow the pop to dry completely before installation. Pop will fall down immediately if there is any leakage in the roof.
    Skilled labour

  • Both required skilled labour but in the case of POP it is more advisable.

  • Gypsum plasterboard has more strength than pop.
  • The Pop powder is applied on chicken-net that provides mechanical strength but pop is weaker as compared to gypsum board.

  • Gypsum boards offer less flexibility in design as compared to pop.
  • Unlike gypsum board plaster of parish office, greater flexibility in design and can be moulded into a different curved shape. Also, Pop is ideal for designing cornices. 

                                                                 So, friends, I hope I have covered all the differences between gypsum and POP false ceiling in this article. 

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