What Does It Cost To Transport Construction Equipment Cross Country?

Transport Construction Equipment

Buying heavy construction equipment is one thing, but transporting them cross country can be a whole lot more overwhelming.

This is especially the case if you have no idea what shipping will cost or how it will be transported.

We all have been there at one point in life when we bought something but were not sure how to get it to the required place. 

A-1 Auto Transport for construction equipment has made it a lot easier since all you need to do is contact their service, who will transport it for you. But what still remains unaddressed is the cost of such service.

Therefore, we decided to list down everything you need to know to estimate the cost of construction equipment transport across the country in this article. Follow closely to get a better understanding. 

Why Should You Know Transport Costs?

Let’s be honest here; no one wants to be taken advantage of. It is pitiful if some service costs much less, but you are paying a hefty amount for it just because of lack of knowledge.

To save yourself from being swindled, you must have an idea of baseline market rates to cut yourself a decent deal.

When it comes to heavy construction equipment like tractors, Excavators, backhoes, graders, Trenchers, loaders, Tower cranes, etc., they aren’t cheap. And combining their transport costs on top of it can be backbreaking.

Therefore, the more you know about the transport services and their rates for cross-country shipping, the better it will be for you. 

An estimate of transport costs will help you make informed decisions when needed.

What Does It Cost To Transport Construction Equipment Cross Country?

Costs for Cross-Country Construction Equipment Shipping

Talking about the US market, more than 18 billion tons of freight are shipped by water, rail, air, truck or more.

Therefore, the logistics and transport industry is booming all across the country. You can partner with well-reputed companies for safe shipping; however, they might cost you more. 

You must keep in mind that shipping any heavy equipment can cost you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars.

The total transport costs will depend significantly on various factors like the size and weight of equipment, shipping method, transportation distance and any additional services you have availed. 

The most reliable way to determine shipping costs is to provide the specifics of your cargo and obtain a quote from a reputable transport company.

Just to put it into perspective, back in 2022, For trips up to 200 miles, the base charge typically ranges from $3.00 to $5.00 per mile.

However, with inflation and pricing flux worldwide, relying on standard information is not recommended. If you need transport, it’s best to get a quote from a professional business.

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Transport

The price of transporting construction equipment is affected by a number of variables, as was previously addressed. Some of the more widespread considerations are listed below.

Type of Equipment

Firstly, the type of equipment can significantly affect the selection of methods for transport.

Your delivery costs will, of course, change with the mode you select. Every transport company offers their own rates depending upon your equipment.

Just for perspective, let’s say you want to ship a generator across the country; the transport will be relatively easier and affordable. However, comparing that to the shipment of an excavator will be a whole other story. 

Since large equipment requires bigger beds and expansive containers for safe shipping, The heavier and bigger the equipment, the costlier your transport expenses. 


Next comes the distance you need to cover between the initial location and the final destination.

Long distances add to many indirect expenses like taxes, tolls, fuel bills, and more, making it much more expensive. Larger distances entail larger transport costs. 

However, you must remember that varying types of cargo, insurance, shipping methods, and other fees and charges involved in transport can be negotiated based on your knowledge of the market.

For instance, if you want to ship a crane from California to Arizona, it will be much more reasonable than sending it all the way to Florida. 


Timing or duration of transport also adds to the expenses. Let’s say you want urgent shipping within two weeks, it will cost you much more than two months of advance shipping.

Like any other industry, shipping companies are lenient with their invoices when they have ample time to arrange logistics.

Relying on Express shipping can cost you exorbitant fees. Therefore, plan your shipment schedule carefully and don’t wait until the last moment to order the transport. 

Final Thoughts

If you are buying brand-new equipment and want to ship it to a new location, you can ask the manufacturers or dealers to discuss the transport expenses.

They might have better suggestions for you since they tackle such situations on a routine basis.

What’s more, if they also provide transport services, they might cost you much less than involving a third-party shipping company. 

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