Difference Between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

Masonry – Masonry may be defined as the construction of building units such as stone, bricks or concrete blocks bonded together with suitable mortar.

 Masonry is used for the construction of foundation, walls, columns and other components of a building. Difference between brick masonry and stone masonry are as follows

Difference Between Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry
S.No.Brick MasonryStone Masonry
1.They are of uniform shape and size.They are not of uniform in shape and size.
2They are lightweight.They are heavy in weight.
3They do not require any dressing.They required dressing.
4Bricks are easily availableStones are not easily available.
5In bricks, laying is easy than stone masonry.Stone laying is not easy.
6In brickwork mortar joints are thin.In stonework mortar joints are thick.
7They are less watertightThey provide better water tightness.
8They are good fire-resistant than stone.They are not good fire-resistant than brickwork.
9The cost of construction of brickwork is less.The cost of construction of stonework is more than brickwork.
10It is not much strong.It is much stronger than brickwork.

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